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The multi-tasking turning lathe

Nowadays, the term turning lathe is more or less different from the idea of conventional lathe machine in the market. Since CNC technology is very popular and widely used in the metal processing industry, it makes the turning lathe actually becoming the turning center.

A CNC turning center, or turning machine, is one of the most advanced technologies in the metal processing field. As long as the load capacity of the turning lathe can withstand the size of the workpiece, it is able to achieve various processing tasks with the advanced capabilities. In other words, all the processing required for the workpiece can be completed on one CNC turning machine.

In modern industry, especially in multi-tasking processes, CNC turning lathe is the common processing equipment. It is a CNC mill turn lathe composed based on the frame of a milling machine with the corresponding functions. This machine can perform programmed milling and turning processes under the control of CNC system.
Even process like mill-turn complex is attainable for the multi-task on the turning lathe.

Not only can this type of machine handle a series of programmed tasks, but it can also shorten the cycle time within the relative cost range. In sum, a CNC turning center is also called a turning lathe. On this machine, various operations such as cutting, facing, and turning, etc. are all common processes for machining on workpieces.

Machining Processes

As the major spindle components drive the tools to cut on the workpieces, they are capable of creating objects with symmetry along the axis. In modern industry, the power turret is a customized and one of the most important accessories for many CNC turning lathes users. Taiwanese suppliers are committed to this business and have developed many well-known power turrets and power tools to meet the needs of turning machine users.

With the power turret, a turning lathe, or say, a CNC turning center, can perform not only the basic but also other intricate processes, which were previously only possible on machining centers. Obviously, most of the power turrets in turning machine are driven by single motor with servo feature, which ensures the best cutting effect and greatly reduces energy consumption. At the same time, they can provide high rigidity for the workpiece, so as to achieve the ideal and smooth machining process on the turning lathes.

Accessories and Parts of Turning Lathes

The accessory list of a turning machine usually includes a power turret with a tool magazine and automatic tool changer. Due to their efficient performance, they have become the best selling products of machine tool accessory suppliers. In fact, Taiwan’s tool magazine and ATC system manufacturers can provide customers with the ideal tool change time according to the planned cycle engineering, thereby helping customers meet their machining needs especially for the turning lathes.

As many machining requirements include complex curves and contours, a single cutting tool cannot satisfy all machining tasks. The power turret and its automatic tool mechanism installed in the turret body can provide extra processing capabilities. Since the cutting tools on the power turret can also be rotated by the internal servo motor, the performance of these power tools will be equal or superior to that of traditional machining centers.

Clamping and Working

The clamping mechanism of the vertical turning lathe will be introduced below. The spindle of the vertical turning lathe is located behind the chuck. Some spindles may be belt-driven, and others are equipped with other types of driving mechanisms.

Like other milling machines and CNC machining centers, turning lathe can also be equipped with powered tools and tool magazines. By doing so, it helps improve their functionality and versatility and provide users with greater processing possibilities.  The machine tool is the most fundamental capital of the manufacturer and plays a vital role in determining the final output of the product, so the quality of the machine tool becomes the key. 

The inventory of machine tools will change from time to time depending on the circumstances. After the invention of the turning centers, mill turn center, machining centers and the programmed control system (CNC, computer numerical control), the standards of machining become more and more stringent than before.

Although ordinary machine tools are not as versatile as machining centers, they are still very powerful when used in complex machining procedures, and are usually used for specific tasks in custom projects. Therefore, the requirements for machine tool precision are higher than ever. Consumers in the market demand better quality, faster speed and shorter waiting time. This trend has become a new challenge for machine tool suppliers.

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